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Feel well where you belong.

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Beyond Lundi Circles

Our mental and emotional well-being rise when we uplift, inspire and support each other. When we feel that we belong.

Lundi Circles offer an escape from the daily grind and a

well-being collective for life. Making time for ourselves and connecting with women on the same journey can bless every part of our life with energy and peace.

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Circles for your


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Lundi Light

Slow and mindful (re-)starts resetting your balance

5 sessions


Lundi Power

Holistic journey into your inner powerhouse

10 sessions


Intensive sessions just

for you to build

the life you need

Included in programs

Aromatic Candles. Chocolate Brown and Caramel Scented Candles

Current Programs

Lundi Light

for a New Balance

  • Transform Monday stress
  • Clear your hallway from negative self-talk
  • Create fresh perspectives
  • Meet accountability buddies
  • Self-coaching workbook
  • 120 minutes x 5 sessions
  • In Zoomland

Launch price: €55 / session

Lundi Power

for a New Purpose

  • Learn to arrive and stay in your inner powerhouse
  • Unlock your strengths
  • Turn talents into purpose
  • Build your resilience
  • Meet accountability buddies
  • Self-coaching workbook
  • 120 minutes x 10 sessions
  • In Zoomland

Launch price: €70/ session

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Meet Lundi Circles


in Zoomland

or in-person (coming soon)

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